floon drif

I play FFXIV and make things

Flareboost Shop

My online store for physical fan merch. I make keychains, accessories, and stationery.

PuniMapper: S Rank Spawn Kill Tracker

A tool for tracking mob kill counts for spawning S Rank Hunt Marks.

Hunt Macros

Guide on how to make hunt relay macros.

Endwalker Hunt Train Survival Guide

How to stop dying on Endwalker Hunt Trains.

PuniMapper: Personal Mapping Tool

Simple tool for mapping S Ranks.



These emotes were all commissioned and are not available for use.


  • Viera ♀

  • Age: 30

  • Job: Red Mage

  • World: Faerie (Aether)

  • Time Zone: PST (UTC−08:00)